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Site Studies

What site studies are done at the site?

During the development process, Blue Sky has engaged several firms to conduct a number of studies, including land survey, habitat, wetlands, cultural, solar glare, drainage tile mapping, and geotechnical surveys. A property value impact analysis and an economic impact analysis have also been completed.

What about the wildlife?

Correspondence with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources indicates that there is no habitat for protected species in the project area.

What about solar glare?

As part of the design process, the project was modeled in software approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to evaluate for glare and its impacts to air traffic. The project was determined to have no adverse impact on air navigation. Similarly, neighboring properties are not anticipated to experience glare because the solar panels will include an anti-reflective coating, Grundy County requires a minimum of 150 feet setback from residential properties, and the project will include landscaping around the perimeter.