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Project Details

Blue Sky Solar is a 300 MWac ground-mounted single-axis tracker photovoltaic facility consisting of approximately 993,800 solar modules.

  • The Project Area is approximately 2,670 acres between Dwight and Gardner on the east side of State Highway 55/Historic U.S. 66.
  • The Project will connect to the electrical grid at an existing onsite 345kV overhead transmission line.
  • The Project will meet the requirements in Grundy County’s solar farm ordinance.
  • Project construction is anticipated to take approximately 18 months and to be completed by the end of 2023.
  • Our vegetation plan meets the “excellent” rating on the Illinois Habitat Planning Scorecard and qualifies as pollinator friendly. We are proposing to plant native grasses and sedges below and between the solar arrays, and to plant a mix of native grasses, sedges, and wildflowers (pollinator plants) around the perimeter of the project (inside and outside the fence).
  • At the end of commercial operations, project components will be removed and the site will be restored. The Project will provide financial security for 100% of the estimated decommissioning cost prior to start of construction.

The project is being developed by Blue Sky Solar Energy, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of RES America Developments Inc (RES).